Friday, October 16, 2015

Route 66-Cuba to Rolla


  There’s not much to see in Bourbon except for the two water towers – old Bourbon and new Bourbon.

  Cuba, however, has the newly renovated Wagon Wheel Motel which claims to be the oldest continuously operated motel on Route 66. The stone cabins of the Wagon Wheel were built in 1935. A gravel pull off across the street is a good place stop to to take a photo.


  A 1932 Phillips 66 Gas Station stands on the intersection of 66 and Route 19. It’s been restored but is unoccupied. One of the town’s 12 murals is painted on the side. Small RVs will fit in the lot.


The Crawford County Historical Museum is filled with items donated by local residents. Unlike most museums visitors are permitted to touch any of the artifacts. The museum has three floors but only the ground floor is accessible. Small RVs will fit in the lot. Larger RVs can be parked along the street.



  Get a mural walking tour brochure at the museum. Most of the 12 murals are painted on buildings along Route66/Washington Blvd. It’s a compact area but the sidewalks and curb cuts are in terrible condition. Wheelchair users will find it easier to drive.



  The World's Largest Rocking Chair is located just a few miles down Route 66 at the Fanning 66 Outpost which sells all types of souvenirs and archery equipment. The lot is large enough for RVs.


  And just to prove that we stop for everything – the Vacuum Museum!  This is the personal collection of the curator, of which he is very proud, so please don’t snicker. ;-) The museum is laid out in a series of rooms with each room representing a different decade and decorated with period floor coverings and furnishings.

This is also a working factory and an outlet. Tours are available. It’s so cool that it’s still possible to buy a vacuum cleaner that’s made in the USA! The parking lot is large enough for RVs.


  The period advertisements are the best part!


  Look for the dripping faucet sign at Murdon Concrete Products. The Mule Trading Post has been on Route 66 since 1957 and is stuffed with souvenirs, antiques, old books, knives and assorted junk. Many of the aisles are too narrow and crowded for wheelchair users to navigate. The lot is large enough for RVs.


  The main thing to look for in Rolla is the Stonehenge replica at Missouri S&T campus - a half sized, partial reconstruction of Stonehenge. There isn’t any good parking but you can see it as you drive by. 


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  1. We too did this part of HWY 66 -beautiful.
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