Monday, July 20, 2015

Quinault Beach Casino

   RV parking is in very large, gravel lot with marked and numbered spaces. Check-in at the security desk is required and a hang tag is issued. Parking is $5.00 Sunday through Thursday and $10.00 on Friday and Saturday. There’s a boardwalk that goes to the beach near the casino.

  A shuttle van is available but I don’t think it’s accessible so wheelchair visitors may want to park as close to the paved lot as possible because the gravel is very rough. The casino is fairly accessible.  Casino
47.03937, -124.17072


  1. Thanks for this one...if we make it that far, and I hope we do (depends upon mom's upcoming surgery that I blogged about today), we will stay there..can't beat that price!

    1. It's a great spot if you like to walk on the beach but a bit windy and cool. It doesn't look like we'll make it all the way around the loop. We had to go back to Tacoma because our water heater sprung a leak and no one out in the boonies had one in stock. We're going counter clockwise now but we probably just go part way.

      I'm so sorry about your Mom. I hope the surgery goes well and she heals fast.