Sunday, July 19, 2015

Polson Museum

   This 26 room house, donated by the family of lumber baron F. Arnold Polson, serves as the local museum for the town of Hoquiam. The grounds include a rose garden, a blacksmith shop, logging equipment, and a large locomotive shed.

  Nothing is accessible. The house has a delivery ramp which is too steep and leads to a door that opens out to ramp without a landing. The lack of accessibility is disappointing because a lot of money has been spent to erect the locomotive shed and it would take a small amount to make a safe usable ramp. There’s a step into the rose garden. The grounds and the locomotive shed are not accessible due to the terrain.

  The parking lot is not very big but RVs will fit if parked across the spaces.   Museum
46.97855, -123.88011

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