Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Padilla Bay Shore Trail

   The trail is along the top of a dyke built to keep the tides from encroaching on farmland. It’s 2.25 miles one way with nice views of the bay and distant islands.

  The trail is very accessible, flat, wide, and surfaced with hard packed gravel.

  Parking is available at either end. A large parking lot where RVs will fit is located at the north end but accessing the trail there requires going down a hill, across the road, traveling along the shoulder for a bit and you may need to get a key from the Breazeale Interpretive Center to unlock the gate. If you have a car or small RV park at the southern end. There’s a small parking area right at the gate. Park so that you’re not blocking the gate. The zigzag opening in the fence is roomy enough for wheelchairs to maneuver through.  Trail
48.45709, -122.46595

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  1. Hi Karen and Tony,
    We just hiked the Steamboat Waterfalls (Colorado) and thought about you,the trail is only 1/2 mile one way ,paved all the way and excisable to a wheel chair,if you haven't done it ,take a look at my blog "Steamboat" to see the falls