Saturday, July 18, 2015

Margaret McKenny Campground

  The sites in the first loop of this campground are fairly small and not very level. We found a pretty good one but if you have a larger RV, as you’re traveling around the first loop, turn right at the first turn off. This leads to a flat loop with large campsites. The second turn leads to the horse campground. The horse camp has this sign at the entrance-
   We aren’t sure what this means ( don’t use it on weekdays but okay on weekends?) but since the campground doesn’t seem to get really busy and people do use the horse camp it makes sense to just camp in the other sections.

   All of the sites are shaded with some foliage between them. The sites have tables and fire rings. There are vault toilets but no trash cans or potable water.

  The toilets are marked as accessible but we didn’t check them. The tables have extended tops. The ground is hard packed dirt and fairly easy to roll along.  This is a Dept. of Natural Resources SiteCampground
46.92674, -123.0609 


  1. I found you!!! I got busy and quit posting to my blog and somehow list your blog!!! Nice to see you are still posting, I think you changed hosts? I fell in love and sorta abandoned the blog but now getting back into posting. Still in love with the wonderful Susan. I think I missed you in Quar5zsite, I saw where you were at the RTR gathering, I wanted to go but life got in the way. I will definitely make it this year. I am bringing my horse Chips on my boondocking journey this fall. It's something that I found yall on s post that involves horses. BLM let's you camp with your horse well must go read all your blog posts that I have missed now! Enjoy your travels!
    Bill n Sadie plus Mic

    1. Good to hear from you Bill! I've been keeping up with your adventures when you have posted. :-D

      I never realized how many places there are where you can camp with your horse. These DNR sites in Washington state are really nice too.

      Hope to see you at the RTR. You'll be a big hit with your horse. Nobody has brought one to the RTR! Ah rats, I just checked the Long Term Visitor rules and horses aren't allowed. That includes the 14 day area where the RTR is held. Maybe you can find a good place on the outskirts of the LTV area.