Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodell Gardens & Homestead

  The Goodell sisters, Carrie and Margaret, spent most of their lives in Edinboro, Pennsylvania living in a small house that they inherited from their parents and leasing out the farmland. Their passion for gardening led to the creation of this little garden which they willed to the community.

  The visitor center has a ramp to the entrance. The garden paths are wood chip or grass so rolling is a little hard but doable.

  The parking lots are large enough for RVs. Garden
  41.87735, -80.12314


  1. I went to college at Edinboro, nice lttle town but has grown a lot since I was there in the mid-70's. Looks like a lovely garden

  2. The garden is very nice , pretty small although they have plans to expand it if they can get funding.

    If you remember any great places to visit in the area let us know!