Friday, October 21, 2011

Wisconsin Concrete Park

   We almost missed this one!  I spotted all the concrete figures as we went speeding along and knew that it was too good to pass by – time to turn around! There are over 200 life size and larger concrete sculptures that were built by Fred Smith, a retired lumberjack. He worked on them for 16 years from 1948 until 1964.

  The sculptures are in a park like setting so getting around is a little hard. Most can be seen from the paved parking lot but getting closer involves pushing through the grass. A brochure with explanations about all of the figures can be found on the informative bulletin boards. The box holding the brochures is mounted a little too high to be easily reached. The gift shop has a ramp to the entrance.

   There’s a larger parking lot for RVs just past the first one which is pretty small. Concrete Park
45.6713, -90.39069

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