Monday, October 24, 2011

International Crane Foundation

    One benefit of reciprocal memberships is that we often visit places such as the Crane Foundation that we wouldn’t have noticed without the membership list. The foundation studies and breeds captive cranes and releases the young ones back into their native countries. All fifteen species are endangered to some extent, mostly due to lack of habitat.  The cranes are on display in roomy outdoor enclosures. There’s also a museum with short movies and trails through the restored wetlands and prairie.

  The gift shop, museum, and paved trails through the enclosures are handicapped accessible. The restoration overlook has a fixed set of binoculars that are too high to use from a seated position.  The nature trails are packed dirt and mowed grass with a few rocky sections. Taking these trails may be possible with an energetic helper.

  The parking area is small but can accommodate RVs parked lengthwise.  Foundation
43.54708, -89.75344

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