Saturday, October 20, 2012

Garnet Ghost Town

021   Garnet, like most gold mining towns, had a short life.  Its first boom began in 1895 and lasted about ten years. Another short-lived boom ended in 1939 and the last resident died in 1947. Fewer than two dozen buildings remain and are being maintained in a state of arrested decay. A walking tour brochure is available along with informative signs. (removed in the winter)

  The town is not wheelchair accessible due to the terrain. A handicapped parking space, large enough for a 30’ RV, is located at the edge of the town site The main street is flat so it’s possible to roll along and see some of the town. A few of the buildings along the main street have very steep ramps onto the porches.

  Two roads lead to the town. The access from I-90 is not recommended for RVs. The road from Hwy 200 is paved for about three miles then becomes maintained gravel for the next eight miles. It’s steep in spots and also has some sections that are wash boarded.  A parking area large enough for RVs is located about 1/4 of a mile from the town with a switch-backed trail leading down to town. If you do not wish to drive your RV to the town there’s a large parking area right off of Hwy 200. Town
46.82557, -113.33913

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