Tuesday, January 8, 2019

RTR 2019

  This is the ninth Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. The number of people attending doubles every year so this year 10,000 people are expected, Yikes! We were a little worried but the BLM moved us to a new site that is much larger than the previous sites and farther away from the rest of the Quartzsite boondockers. Today is the first day that people are allowed in and tomorrow the RTR seminars start. This is a good way for anyone new to the lifestyle to learn about van and RV dwelling and to meet other like-minded people. So far everything is going great!

   We’ll be here for about two weeks and hanging out with friends for a few days after the RTR so I probably won’t be posting very much for a while. RTR  33.64909, -114.14563


  1. Have fun!
    (I know that I really didn't need to say that to you guys but I wanted to anyway :-)