Sunday, August 12, 2018

Shenango Recreation Area–COE


  With over 300 sites finding an open campsite is never a problem even on a summer weekend. The electric sites fill fast however 2/3rds of the sites are no hookups and many look as if they get little use.


  Three sites are marked as accessible. They have large paved parking pads but unfortunately the pads are very slanted. The sites directly across the street are much more level so we chose to camp in a one of those. The regular campsites have narrow, graveled parking pads. The gravel makes rolling difficult but the grass area of the sites is hard packed and rolling is fairly easy.  Campground 41.29842, -80.43798



  1. How's the weather there? It seems like the East Coast has been hammered by rain.

    1. We're on the west side of the mountains so even though everyone says it's been rainier than normal it seems like typical summer weather as I remember from all our years of living here. Lots of sunny days and wonderful temperatures! Fortunately were out of the range of the storms and flooding that's happening east of the mountains.

      Hope you guys get a cool down so you can enjoy the rest of your summer!

    2. Thanks ... it's actually been kind of pleasant here the past few days. Glad you're enjoying good weather.