Sunday, July 22, 2018

Detroit Institute of Arts


   Like most art museums in large cities the Detroit Institute of Arts was started by a few local citizens. Major contributors of money and art included the Dodges, Firestones, Fords, and Scripps. The wealth generated by the auto industry allowed them to amass a large and amazing collection creating a museum with over 100 galleries and 66,000 works of art. We visited for four hours and only saw half of it!

IMG_3517IMG_3512 IMG_3523IMG_3527IMG_3528           IMG_3533IMG_3529IMG_3542

  The museum is accessible.

  Parking where RVs will fit is available on the street. The meters max out at 2 hours but accept more money when the time is up. Museum  42.35914, -83.0652



  1. What a wonderful find for you guys. You mentioned the auto barons funding the museum ... I guess they could afford it!

    1. They could afford the best and that's what they bought. We'll be back someday to see the rest!