Monday, June 25, 2018

Menno-Hof - Mennonite - Amish Visitor Center

   The visitor center was founded to answer questions that visitors to Shipshewana have about the Mennonite and Amish families who live in the area. It’s a semi guided tour that starts with a film and moves through several rooms with audio and video programs, after which visitors are free to enjoy the museum exhibits at their own pace. There’s also a theater with a simulated tornado and a mock up of the interior of a typical Amish house. The tour guides are Mennonite or Amish and are very happy to answer any questions.
   The Amish are a very noticeable presence in town as they go about their daily chores. They do not want to be considered tourist attractions so do not take photographs of them.
   The visitor center is accessible but one room has a very bumpy and uneven brick floor.

   The parking lot is large enough for any RV.  Visitor Center  41.67007, -85.58352


  1. You two go to the most interesting places! Thank you for sharing your experiences, so we can go there too!

    1. Thanks for the comment GpysySoul! It's always nice to know that my readers are getting something out of my little blog. :-)

  2. Yes, we are benefiting from your travels! I believe we'd really like this museum, so thanks for sharing!