Monday, May 28, 2018

Compton Gardens Trails*


   Dr. Neil Compton, a Bentonville obstetrician and conservationist, started growing native plants on the hillsides around his home in 1960. The land and house were bought by the Walton family in 1978 and replanting of the native gardens begin in 2011. Compton’s original paths have been paved and now connect to the Crystal Bridge Trail.


   The paths are hilly so wheelchair users may need assistance.

  This is a good alternative parking lot for visiting Crystal Bridges. It’s also close to the Walmart Museum. The entrance road looks a little overgrown but it can be accessed with an RV. Drive through the first two small lots and park in the last lot which is larger. RVs will fit if backed up over the grass or parked lengthwise across the spaces. Gardens  36.37602, -94.20867


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