Sunday, April 15, 2018

Southland Park Gaming & Blogger Friends


   We met Rob two years ago at the RTR and keep in touch by reading each other’s blogs. (Rob's blog) When he noticed that we were in Memphis and realized that he and Karen, his wife, were on a path that came through the city, we made plans to meet up. The casino lot provided a good spot. They were pressed for time so it was a short visit but it was really great to see them. Sorry you guys couldn’t stay longer – we’re looking forward to spending more time together at next year’s RTR! 

  For overnight RV parking follow the signs for truck parking which is located in a large dirt lot. We parked south of the truck lot and west of the employee parking area. This section is asphalt but gets little use. It’s kind of noisy due to all of the trucks.



   The casino is a lot larger and nicer than it appears from outside. The chairs are fairly easy to move and the money and card slots are easy to reach. Casino  35.16418, -90.162



  1. It was good to see you guys! I have to second your opinion of the casino, it was a nice place.

    1. Hope you guys had fun at the GTG! See you in Quartzsite.:-)