Sunday, April 22, 2018

Plantation Agriculture Museum


  A brick general store that houses museum exhibits, a restored cotton gin with all of the original equipment, a seed warehouse with more exhibits, and a collection of farm equipment gives visitors a complete view of everything that is involved in cotton growing. Both the general store, built in 1912, and the cotton mill, built in 1919, were part of a cotton plantation owned Conoway Scott Jr. A later owner Robert L. Dortch built the seed warehouse in 1948 and converted the store into a museum after it closed in the 1960s.


   The museum is accessible with ramps at the buildings, paved walkways, and a lift to the second floor of the gin. The farm equipment is stored under a shelter and the ground is surfaced with large gravel making it difficult to push around.


   Do not pull into the parking lot with a large RV. The lot is very small without any room to turn around. We fit by backing up over the grass. It may be possible to park large RVs along the road. 34.69514, -92.09682  Museum


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