Saturday, April 7, 2018

Memphis Zoo


   The entrance to the zoo is built to resemble an Egyptian temple, paying homage to the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis. This elaborate building theme has been carried out in other sections of the zoo. The China exhibit has a pagoda, the Northwest Passage has replica totem poles, and the Teton Trek has a small scale Yellowstone Lodge. They’re all beautifully done but I’d rather see larger and nicer enclosures for the animals.  Most of the enclosures are adequate but a few of them could be better.







  The walkways are wide and smooth. There aren’t many hills and the layout forms a large loop with side loops to specific areas. Following the loop takes you through the entire zoo and returns you to the entrance.  Most of the enclosures have railings at eye level, making it very hard for visitors in wheelchairs to see the animals. The reptile and aquarium buildings have displays at levels that are too high to view from a seated position.



  The parking lot spaces are large enough for RVs if pulled through two spaces.  A parking fee (flat fee) is charged in addition to the zoo entrance fee.

  A special Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit was at the zoo when we visited so we got to see some unusual stuff. 


Zoo  35.14865, -89.99472


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