Sunday, April 8, 2018

Amazon Lockers


     Ordering things online is tough when you don’t have a house. :-D We have seven different shipping addresses on our Amazon account because we schedule our limited purchases around visits to friends and family. The rest of the time we buy everything at mortar and brick stores but sometimes that’s just not possible.

    A wire on one of the components of Tony’s Wii (which he uses almost everyday for an exercise routine) was showing signs of wear and the part needed to be replaced before it broke completely. We couldn’t find it anywhere so we decided to try an Amazon Locker. This is the first time we’ve been in a city that had a locker when we wanted to order something. There are 2,000 of them but most of them are in large cities on the coasts.

   It’s an easy process and works really well. Search for a locker on the Amazon site. Once you find one click the select button and the address will go into your address book then just select that address for your shipping address. When the order is delivered to the locker you’ll get an email with the locker code which can be punched in or scanned off of your phone. The locker pops opened and there’s your package! The lockers aren’t very big so there are restrictions on weight and size.You have three days to pick up the order. The locker that we used was inside a 24 hour Whole Foods store which made it really convenient.  Amazon Locker


  1. We used one last year in was great. I knew when they announced the purchase of Whole Foods that it would become a pick-up place for Amazon Packages...I'll bet in the future there won't be a size restriction when delivered to a Whole Foods...which is good for us RV'ers.

    1. You're right! I didn't make the connection. They could easily have an extra large locker along one end.