Friday, March 9, 2018

Grand Village of the Natchez


   The two grassy mounds at the Grand Village site were used by the royal family of the Natchez tribe. The home of the Great Sun, the hereditary chief, was located on the top of the smaller mound and a temple with a sacred fire stood on the larger mound. A third mound which is covered in vegetation was abandoned long before the first Europeans arrived in 1682. By 1716 the French had established a colony on Natchez land but relationships between the two groups deteriorated rapidly. The Natchez attacked the French fort in 1729 killing most of the soldiers. The French retaliation forced the Natchez from their villages and the ceremonial mound site. Many of them joined other tribes.

  The site includes a small museum with displays and artifacts. A short video is shown on request. Interpretative signs are located along a grassy trail that loops around the mounds.



   The museum is accessible but there’s a short ramp to the entry door which opens outward making it very difficult to enter without assistance. The grassy trail is not accessible.

  The parking lot is large enough for any RV.  Mound   31.52535, -91.38039


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