Monday, December 4, 2017

Augusta Riverwalk


  Two walkways run parallel to the river – one high on the levee and one at river level. Interpretive signs about Augusta’s history are located on the levee walkway but there aren’t any of the usual attractions found along many city riverwalks such as stores and restaurants. The walkway starts at 6th Street and goes west about 1/2 mile to 10th Street. The brick paving stops at 10th Street where the trail becomes hard packed dirt and connects to a network of trails along the Augusta Canal.


  The walkway is good condition, wide and fairly smooth. A long ramp provides access to the levee walkway from the 6th Street parking lot. Another ramp goes down to the river walkway. A ramp at 10th Street provides access between the two walkways so it’s possible to make a loop.


  The best parking lot for cars and RVs is on 6th Street. It’s also easy to access the Augusta Museum of History from this lot and walk along the levee walkway to the Morris Museum of Art. Walkway   33.47585, -81.96049



  1. Looks like a decent place to walk. You guys are traveling south, aren't you? Gettin' cold in those parts!

    1. The trails continues as dirt for miles so it does look like a good place to walk. We would have stayed longer and checked it out more but we had a planned met up with a friend in Florida.

      The weather had been really nice until yesterday when the cold snap got us. Warming back up in a few days!