Thursday, October 12, 2017

Spurlock Museum


  Most of university museums that we’ve visited have been small and somewhat outdated but this one is wonderful in both the size and scope of it collections. The first museum at the University of Illinois was established in 1911 and throughout the years other museums merged with it. All of these collections are now housed in the new Spurlock Museum which was built in 2002.

The museum explores seven regions of the world, the differences and similarity between cultures, and how cultures change, stay the same, and influence other cultures. The quality of the artifacts is outstanding, even the plaster casts of large Roman and Greek statues and frieze panels are excellent. We highly recommended this museum.





  The museum is accessible but some of the display cases have  signs laying flat which makes them hard to read from a seated position.

  We visited on the weekend and parked on the street. Museum   40.10716, -88.22045


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