Thursday, August 10, 2017

Beacon Hill Park and Waterfront Trail


    The land for Beacon Hill Park was set aside as a protected area in 1858. It includes woodland and shoreline trails, two playgrounds, a waterpark, playing fields, a petting zoo, tennis courts, many ponds, landscaped gardens, and what was for a time (erected in 1956), the world’s tallest totem pole. We took a short stroll through the eastern edge of the park and walked/rolled along the Waterfront Trail.

   We didn’t spend enough time in the park to give a comprehensive review but the trails we used were accessible.  We went about one mile east on the Waterfront Trail. It’s paved, smooth and accessible. Able bodied visitors can access the tidal pools at Clover Point.

 IMG_5795 IMG_5785

IMG_5776  Short RVs will fit in the two parking areas along Dallas Road. It may be possible to park larger RVs parallel to the road. It’s easy to access both the park and the Waterfront Trail from the eastern most lot. There’s also parking inside the park.The center of Victoria is about 1 1/2 miles from Dallas Road making this a good location to park an RV and see the city.  Park  48.40794, -123.36022


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