Monday, July 31, 2017

Woss Lake Campground

  Woss Lake Campground is maintained by Western Forest Products which has a tree farm license for the surrounding forest. I think that it’s all crown land and is managed similarly to US national forests.

  The campsites vary greatly. Some are large with tables and beach access to the lake. Others are nothing more than a clearing. The best beach access area is a large flat sandy spot where any size RV will fit but where privacy is nonexistent. Most of the other sites are surrounded by trees and shrubs. It’s a very pretty campground with no amenities other than pit toilets, a dumpster, and a scattering of tables. And it's free!
IMG_6031  IMG_6033
  The ground is hard packed so the sites are accessible.

  The road to the campground is not signed well. From Hwy 19 turn onto Englewood Dr and follow it south through Woss and across the railroad tracks. When you come to the next railroad crossing turn left across the tracks again and turn left onto Railroad St. After crossing the river continue on that road until you see the official sign for the campground. This entrance has a very steep hill. A better entrance is just a little farther on the road.
Campground  50.18720, - 126.62452


  1. I will bring a generator.....looks great.

    1. You'll fit fine in this park as long as you choose the open area. It would be tight squeeze in most of the provincial parks though.