Tuesday, May 23, 2017

World's Largest Redwood Tree Service Station Museum


   In 1936  a section of a 1,500 year old redwood tree was cut into six segments which were then shaved down to  18”-24” thick. The segments were shipped to Ukiah, California, reassembled and topped with a peaked roof. Gasoline was sold from the Redwood Tree Service Station until the early 1970s. The service station is still in business specializing in automotive maintenance and repair and although gas is no longer sold the owners have made a small museum in redwood tree which is opened during business hours.


  The parking lot is small so if the service station is busy there may not be room to park an RV.

The museum has a high threshold. It’s easy to peek inside and see everything.  Tree  39.15849, -123.2084


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