Sunday, May 7, 2017

Paso Robles Pioneer Museum


  Paso Robles was famous for its hot springs which attracted Native Americans, Franciscan priests, and pioneer settlers. The arrival of the railroad on 1886 spurred the building of a large luxury resort  centered around the hot springs. While local vineyards are the draw for tourist today it’s still possible to soak in the springs at three different locations.

  Most small town history museums have plenty of donated artifacts but explanations of the purpose of each item and a coherent account of the town’s history is often lacking. Not at this one! All of the exhibits have interesting and informative signs. The two men who were volunteering knew everything about the exhibits and were a delight to talk with.



  IMG_3505 IMG_3518

  The main museum is accessible. Located on the grounds are a mock up of a jail, a relocated one room schoolhouse, and a huge pump that was used to move crude oil from the San Joaquin Valley to Estero Bay. All are accessible. A building with farm equipment has doors with high windows so the view is blocked for visitors in wheelchairs. It may be possible have the doors opened on request.

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  The parking lot is large enough for RVs.  Museum   35.63556, -120.68734


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