Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jelly Belly Factory Tour

  What a fun tour! Now we know why Jelly  Bellies taste so much better than ordinary jelly beans – each Jelly Belly spends 7 to 14 days being carefully crafted for the ultimate flavor, shape, texture and appearance. We visited on a Saturday so we didn’t see the real action but it didn’t matter because each step of the assembly line was explained on overhead video screens as we progressed down the line. The tour is self guided along a 1/4 mile elevated walkway. It’s free and everyone gets a  little bag of Jelly Bellies and a larger bag of candy corn at the end of the tour.  A sampling station is located in the gift shop – three flavors at time but you can go through the line as many times as you like. We did not try the dead fish, canned dog food or stinky socks flavors!
  The Jelly Belly company is owned by the forth generation of Goelitz family candy makers. Gustav Goelitz started making candy in 1869 in Belleville, Illinois. His son moved the company to California and jelly beans were added to the candy line in 1960.  Jelly Belly was a regional candy company until 1980 when President Ronald Reagan declared a love for Jelly Bellies and the whole country discovered them.
IMG_3810 IMG_3813
  The tour is accessible.

  Follow the signs in the parking lot for long bus/RV spaces.
  Tour  38.2387, -122.07978


  1. That was a stop worth the time!

  2. Another one we drive past going somewhere else ... and no time to stop. But, one of these days, we WILL stop! We both like jelly bellies (whatz not to like?) and candy corn!