Wednesday, May 3, 2017

History Center of San Luis Obispo County


   The old historic Carnegie Library building now serves as the home of the history center. This is a very tiny museum with three small rooms of displays. One was under construction when we visited, one had a short video of the history of San Luis Obispo County, and the other had an exhibit about the Japanese in the area who were caught up in the panic after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 which resulted in the roundup and internment of 120,000 people.


  Follow the signs to the accessible entrance. A pushbutton door opens to the basement with an elevator to the first floor exhibit level, The exhibits are accessible.

  Ample on-the-street parking.  Museum   35.27999, -120.66484



  1. Aren't Carnegie Libraries works of art? And this one is now a museum. Very cool.

    1. Using Carnegie Library buildings as museums seems to be a trend for towns after they outgrow the space as a library. I'm so glad that they don't tear them down!

  2. Thanks to the History Center in SLO, I was able to find a LOT of the information I needed to write my book - they have archives downstairs. The place is friendly, well run and a pleasure to work in. I really could live in that basement and never run out of interesting reading and folders to comb through.