Friday, May 5, 2017

Estrella Warbird Air Museum


  The museum was founded to restore and preserve military aircraft and vehicles. Compared to other airplane museums that we’ve visited this one has a fairly limited selection of planes. Most are from the 1950s and 60s. But there’s more to see than planes. Historic displays, artifacts, and military equipment fill several buildings plus an additional building holds a large collection of vintage, classic, and historic race cars along with a few nicely restored antique and classic cars and motorcycles.



IMG_3497 IMG_3490


The museum buildings are accessible. Most of the displays are easy to view. A paved sidewalk circles around the outdoor plane display. The sidewalk does not allow close viewing of all of the planes and some of the information panels are too far away.

  The parking lots are narrow. Small RVs will fit but it may be difficult to turn larger RVs around. Call and ask about RV parking because there is a large dirt lot that’s used during special events.

Museum   35.66465, -120.62011



  1. You have been in an area of California that I have been in, but not very much...going to have to get down there one of these days...

    1. We haven't spent much time in this area of California either. Fields and fields of produce, many vineyards, lots of rural property, and lots of traffic too! Very pretty - we been having a good time. :-)