Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center and Trails


  The site of Arcata Marsh, which is located adjacent to the city’s wastewater plant, was used by lumber mills and as a landfill until 1973 when the landfill was closed and capped. In 1974 California passed strict laws on the discharge of wastewater into bays and estuaries. Rather than building a new wastewater plant experiments were conducted on the effectiveness of running the partially treated wastewater through a natural system of marshes. The idea worked well and now the marsh is a popular place for walking, jogging, and bird watching. Five miles of innerconnecting trails that loop around the ponds allow visitors to choose a walking distance.


IMG_4143 IMG_4146IMG_4168 IMG_4144IMG_4165     The small visitor center is accessible. The hard packed dirt and gravel trails trails are mostly level but wheelchair users may need assistance on the hilly sections.


The parking lot has long RV/bus spaces.  Marsh   40.85936, -124.08975



  1. This is nice, and a good way to deal with water that "isn't quite there yet!" Pretty flowers, nice walking path. (How was the smell? Any skeeters?)

    1. We've found that a lot of small cities are using this method. It makes an attractive park-like setting and there's no smell at all. No mosquito either!