Friday, December 9, 2016

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

   This place is amazing! The most popular route in the caves is a 1.25 mile loop through the Big Room which is larger than 6 football fields and has formation on top of formation – stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, draperies, flowstone, columns, popcorn and rimstone dams. It’s spectacular! We visited during a slow time which meant that very few people were in the cave with us making it even more magical. The Big Room route is self guided as is the Natural Entrance route. Six more routes are ranger guided. The park also has a visitor center, a scenic loop drive, backcountry trails, a bat flight program, and three short trails.


  The only accessible route in the cave is 2/3rds of Big Room route but it has steep and slippery sections so assistance is necessary and some mobility devices are not permitted. Wheelchairs are blocked from the steepest sections and backtracking is necessary. Check the accessibility guide before visiting. The visitor center is accessible. The bat flight program has accessible parking and seating.


  The visitor center lot has long RV spaces. Most of the pull offs along the main park road are large enough for RVs.  RVs are not permitted on the scenic loop drive.

Cave  32.1751, -104.44307

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  1. We really enjoyed the cavern. It was cool which was a welcome since it was near 100 outside when visited. We were disappointed in the bat flight as they only can out in small groups and we were expecting thousands at a time. Depending on the angle of their flight they were hard to see. But overall it was a great experience and we would visit again if in the area.

    1. We loved it, even Tony who is not a fan of holes in the ground. :-D