Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Alamo

  In its 272 years of existence the Alamo has been a Roman Catholic mission, a military fortress, a quartermaster’s depot and a wholesale grocery store but it’s most famous as the site where over 200 men died while defending the fortress during an attack by  Mexican soldiers in the fight for Texan independence from Mexico.

  A nicely landscaped park surrounds the mission/fort building. Also on the grounds are the missionary living quarters, a gift shop and a research library. The mission building has a few exhibits but is mostly empty. The living quarters have artifacts and exhibits. Large story boards outside give historic details on the mission. Photography is not permitted inside the buildings.

The entire site is accessible. The living quarters are long and narrow so it can get congested making maneuvering a wheelchair through the crowds challenging.

  Most of the parking lots near the Alamo do not allow RV parking but we found a very good lot on East Houston Street under I-37.  It’s large enough for RVs but the entrance/exit is narrow so use caution if you’re driving a large RV. The sidewalks and curb cuts in downtown San Antonio are in fairly good condition but there are places where back tracking or traveling in the street may be necessary.

Alamo   29.42575, -98.48632


  1. There you are! I wondered when you would turn south!

    1. Yeah, on our way west now! Slowly though. We had to get from Pittsburgh to Austin pretty fast to attend our nephew's wedding but now we can get back to leisurely meandering along the way to Quartzsite. Gonna miss seeing you there. :-(

    2. I am already missing you! And the desert winter!