Saturday, November 5, 2016

Arkansas Post Museum

  The museum is located in an area of Arkansas known as the Grand Prairie. Due to clay soils that do not allow deep water penetration  the predominant vegetation (before settlers began cultivating rice) were grasses and flowers. The site includes a relocated 1877 dog trot house and a museum with donated articles including a beautiful playhouse complete with perfectly proportioned child sized furnishings.


  A brick walkway leads to the museum. The walkway has a step down to a gravel path which goes to the dog trot house. The gravel is loose and hard to push through. A ramp accesses the porch.

  The parking lot is large enough for any RV if parked along the loop.

Museum   34.03214, -91.3731



  1. Now you are close to my old backyard. However, Arkansas Post is one place I never made it to, although I have been close to where it is.

    1. Our trip through Arkansas was much too fast but we had to make it to Texas in time for a wedding. It's another state that we haven't fully explored so we'll be back!

    2. There's some pretty places to visit in the state, that's for sure. Many times people drive through the cotton/soybean fields along the Delta and think the entire state looks like that.