Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center

  Did you ever wonder how every car on a train manages to get to the correct destination? Union Pacific's Bailey Yard, along with many other railroad classification yards around the country, makes it happen. Bailey Yard is the world largest rail yard with an average of 139 trains and over 14,000 railroad cars passing through every day. When a train enters the yard, cars that need to be sorted are separated and sent down a fanned network of tracks to wait for an engine heading the right way. About 3,000 cars are sorted a day.

  The 95’ tower which overlooks the train yard, has two observation decks, exhibits and a gift shop. It sounds more impressive than it is because the tower isn’t close enough or high enough to get a good view of the sorting process. You do get a good view of the yard and an idea of the vastness of it.

The tower and the viewing decks are accessible.

  A large gravel lot is available for RV parking. The tower is a Harvest Hosts site so members may stay overnight.
 Tower    41.14347, -100.82932


  1. We thought this was fabulous and spent the night ... it was a tad noisy with all the train stuff going on, but seeing all this was really fascinating. Did you spent the night?

    1. I didn't remember that you guys visited the yard on your way east. I know that I read it at the time!

      We did spend the night and thought it was pretty quiet. However we've spent so many nights recently very close to the tracks with crossings and whistles so the clanking of the yard didn't bother us at all.