Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fort Walla Walla Museum

  Fort Walla Walla was established in 1856 to handle conflicts between the steady stream of settlers and miners who were moving into the area and the Native American tribes who lived, hunted, and gathered on the same land.  The soldiers from the fort didn’t see a lot of action and the fort was closed in 1910. None of the buildings on the fort site appear to be original to the location.

  The museum consists of five display buildings with exhibits covering Native Americans, clothing and toys from different eras, military life, and farming equipment. This is a region of huge wheat farms and one of the displays features 1919 Harris hillside wheat combine complete with lifesize replicas of a team of 33 mules.

   Eighteen relocated buildings form a small village.The village is located down a steep hill and most of the buildings are not accessible. In my opinion the village is not worth the trip down the hill. The village can be viewed from the top of the hill or from outside the fence along the road at the bottom of the hill.

  The main museum building is accessible. The other four buildings have heavy doors. Some of the exhibits can not be completely viewed from ground level and have platforms that are only accessed by steps or very steep ramps.

  The parking lot has RV/bus parking along the side.
Museum      46.04756, -118.36592

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