Saturday, August 27, 2016

Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Contest Powwow & Spirit Mountain Casino

  It’s always interesting to watch the dancing at contest powwows so we were excited to see that one was being held near the Spirit Mountain Casino. Contest powwows usually have three dances for the men; three dances for the women; separate dances for the elders, teenagers and children; and drumming contests. Everything has a meaning and most of it goes back for generations. Dances may have originated from seasonal rituals, religious ceremonies, or social gatherings. The dances are opened to the general public although the audiences at the ones that we’ve attended have been predominately Native American.

  The regalia is very elaborate and colorful especially for the fancy dances.


   Powwows are usually held on weekends with the contests spread out over two or three days so there is always something happening. Check the powwow calender and read the powwow etiquette sheet if you’re planning on going to one.

  The parking area at the Grand Ronde Powwow arena is large enough for RVs. The area is grass and the paths are gravel so try to park close for easy access. The seating area is concrete with bleachers and chairs provided.

  RVs may be parked in the Spirit Mountain Casino for three days. Pick a parking spot, note the number, get a players card if you don’t have one, and register with security who will issue a hang tag. To stay longer you must run $200.00 a day through the machines or table games. The lot is large and flat. A free dump station and potable water is located at the rear of the parking lot.

  The path to the casino is flat and the sidewalk and curb cuts are in good condition. The casino is fairly accessible,
Casino     45.05866, -123.5783


  1. Replies
    1. We never get tired of watching the dancers!

  2. Great photos of a very colorful event. We caught native dancing in Reno one year, and really enjoyed it. Three nights for free at Spirit Mtn Casino is great, with water and a dump station. Nice. Your weather looked sunny.

    1. Thanks! The weather was great but I'm sure the dancers appreciated the shade from the arena roof. We've attended powwows where there wasn't any shade and it can be hot especially for the energetic dancers.