Wednesday, July 20, 2016

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

  Oregon City has been named the official end of the Oregon Trail because this is where the first federal land office west of the Rocky Mountains was located. To make a land claim in what is now Oregon, Washington, Idaho, western Montana, and western Wyoming the settlers had to come to Oregon City. Many camped in the field where the museum is located before claiming land in the fertile Willamette Valley.

  The exhibits in the museum allow visitors to follow the journey of the emigrants from Independence, Missouri to Oregon. Many of the displays are hands-on. The museum appears large from the outside but since the rooms are big without a lot of artifacts and displays the entire museum can be visited in about an hour.  A walkway outside has interpretive signs. There’s also a small heritage garden.

  Most of the museum is accessible. One section in the last room has steps and no ramp. The interpretive walkway is paved.

  Follow the signs for bus and RV parking which is close to the accessible parking spaces. The sidewalk has an uphill grade. Tickets are sold at the visitor center which is also a state welcome center with brochures and local products for sale. The entrance to the museum is the first door in the building on the right of the plaza. It’s not marked and easy to miss.
Museum     45.36483, -122.5938


  1. This museum looks interesting. Next time we're up that way ....

    1. It's not the best or most comprehensive Oregon Trail museum that we've visited but it's kind of cool that it's located on the actual end of the trail for many of the immigrants.