Saturday, July 23, 2016

Camp 18 & a CRVL Get Together

   We spent a week camping on this beautiful, isolated piece of rural property along with a group of wonderful CheapRVLiving members. 
   Some of us took a little trip to a favorite local restaurant, Camp 18, which is housed in a huge log building with lots of pictures and logging equipment decorating the walls. The food’s pretty good too!

   An outdoor museum with displays of all kinds of logging equipment is located on the restaurant grounds. A short trail follows the creek and loops around through the woods. A Loggers' Memorial with photographs and stories of loggers, some who were killed on the job, is housed in its own little building.

  The restaurant and Logger’s  Memorial are accessible. The forest trail which has roots, steep sections and muddy spots is not accessible. The trails around the logging equipment are surfaced with gravel and are accessible with help.

  RV parking is located on the right side of the restaurant parking lot.
 Camp 18    45.88689, -123.61567


  1. One day I'll get back to the PNW. Hopefully there'll be a GTG at the same time! Thanks for documenting it for all of us that missed it!
    Love you guys!!!

    1. You're welcome Cyndi! When you make it back to the PNW we'll have a GTG just for you! :-)

  2. Yeah! Come on back to the wet west.