Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Modoc NF Dispersed Camping

   We made a left turn off of Route 139 onto FR 97 to access the southern entrance into Lava Beds National Monument and stopped in the forest for the night before going into the park. We found a quiet and pretty boondocking spot with widely spaced pines and an undergrowth of sagebrush. It’s just a few miles from the paved road but appears to get little use. We didn’t see any previously used spots so we just pulled off into a clearing.  There are places large enough for any RV but you’ll have to make your own campsite plus there aren’t any established turn-around spots. It gets so little use that no one even drove down the road while we were camped.

Forest   41.64294, -121.26956



  1. Thanks for the great post; I just reposted it (giving you full credit, of course) at the website, hope you don't object).

    1. Thanks Vall! I posted it on freecampsites a few days ago so I'm not sure whether your post will show up or not. Here's the link -!73866&query=sitedetails

      Freecampsites is such a great site! I try to share good boondocking spots when we find them. Northern Oregon is wonderful for boondocking. I'll be posting a few more spots soon!

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Opps, I meant southern Oregon where we are now.

    3. Hi Karen and Tony, glad to hear you too use & like! When I checked this morning (before entering my post), your post wasn't showing on the map, so I presumed you weren't aware of it, or didn't usually post there. Me and DW love boondocking and find your blog a great resource, will use it extensively for our planning when we start fulltiming. Please keep up the great work! :-)

    4. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm glad you're finding my blog useful. Enjoy planning for fulltiming!

      I've noticed that my posts on freecampsites don't show up for awhile. Jenn will send me an email saying that the campsite that I contributed or my comment on another campsite has been approved but when I click on the link nothing is there. There must be a little lag in the program.

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