Thursday, June 16, 2016

California Trail Interpretive Center

  From 1845 to 1869 over 250,00 people traveled along the California Trail. Many were attracted by the discovery of gold in the Sacramento Valley while others were interested in claiming good farmland or starting a business to serve the growing population. The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 marked the end of heavy travel along the trail. A trip that formerly took months could be accomplished in a week.

  The museum is free and has wonderful, informative exhibits; a short trail; a pioneer encampment; and demonstrations on most weekends. Definitely worth a stop.
  The museum is accessible. The encampment is accessible but wheelchair users may need to have help due to loose gravel. The trail, even though the website states that it is ADA compliant, is not accessible. It has an uphill grade and is surfaced with large, loose gravel.

   The parking lot has long RV spaces and one is even accessible.
Museum     40.7629, -115.93176

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