Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point

  Ashton Gardens is part of a complex that includes a educational farm and petting zoo; a hands-on science museum; and a dinosaur museum. A science museum pass or a garden pass is good for free admission to all of them. The gardens are nicely maintained with 15 themed areas although there aren’t any large displays of colorful flowers. Visitors can rent golf carts but the paths are not wide enough for both the carts and walkers which means pedestrians must move off the path to allow the carts to pass.

  Most of the garden is accessible however it’s built on a slope – downhill on the way in, uphill on the return – so wheelchair users may need to have help.

  RVs will fit in the lot if backed up over the grass or parked lengthwise across the spaces.
Garden   40.43605, -111.91031


  1. Very pretty. Really enjoy your blog. We will use some stops as reference. Safe travels.

    1. I use yours too! We seem to have a similar touring style. :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the flowers.