Friday, April 22, 2016

Montezuma Castle National Monument

  The protection of a deep alcove has preserved Montezuma Castle as one of the most intact cliff dwellings in North America. Between 1100 and 1425 AD about 150 members of the Sinagua culture lived in the cliff dwelling and in a pueblo along the base of the cliff. The dwelling was long abandoned by the time settlers discovered it in the 1860s and mistakenly thought it was part of Montezuma’s empire.

  The only way up to the cliff dwelling is by step ladder. Due to safety concerns and a desire to preserve the dwelling public tours were discontinued in 1951 but the site is easily viewed by a 1/3 mile paved trail. The visitor center has exhibits about the park and the Sinagua culture.
   The visitor center and the trail are accessible.

   The parking lot has long bus/RV spaces.
Monument     34.61081, -111.83811

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