Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rachel, Nevada and the Little A’Le’Inn

   Rachel is a strange little place. It has a population of less than 100 people and is over 50 miles from the nearest gas and groceries but it attracts visitors from around the world. It was all BLM land until a federal program in the 1960s brought homesteaders. One of these was D.C. Day who amassed a large amount of land and decided to subdivide it. When Union Carbide reopened a tungsten mine in the 1970s housing was needed for the workers and the town of Rachel was born. The mine closed in 1988 and the population plummeted.

   So why do people come to this little desert town? It all stems from the mysterious, top secret Area 51 just a bit southwest of the town. Area 51 is where experiment aircraft are tested. Captured Soviet planes are also tested and evaluated against US planes. But the most interest came after Bob Lazar claimed to have seen and worked on alien spaceships stored at Area 51. As more and more people came to Rachel to search the skies for flying saucers they congregated at the only place to eat and sleep in the little town, a bar, restaurant and motel which quickly changed it’s name to the Little A’Le’Inn.
   The restaurant has a limited menu but the food is pretty good. The hamburgers are a bit skimpy but tasty and the french fries are perfect, hot and crispy. The motel is a group of mobile homes. There’s also a campground with water and electric but no dump station. RVs may dry camp for free in the parking lots. Free WiFi is available in the restaurant and may work in the parking lot too.

   We didn’t see any flying saucers or even any low flying jets. ;-)
Littele A'Le'Inn        37.64686, -115.74613


  1. "We didn’t see any flying saucers..." Isn't that one hanging from the back of that old tow truck? (sorry, couldn't help it) My brother said that he is going to back to work a motorcycle gathering there in early May...not sure when his wife will return, probably in May too. Wish they were there so you could have met them too. Also, WiFi works out in RV park and in hotel rooms (hotel used loosely there) --Dave

    1. I forgot about that flying saucer! :-D
      We managed to use the WiFi out in the parking lot. It was fast enough when nobody else was using it.

      Sorry we didn't get to meet your brother!

  2. Added to the list for when I'm mobile, again!

  3. Hope you get mobile soon. There are some many places to see! And we want to meet you at some of them. :-)

  4. Great story about that place. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. We love to visit these quirky little places. :-)