Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Museum of Glass

  We’ve visited this museum several times and each time we’ve been surprised at the small size of the display galleries. The main attraction is the Hot Shop where visitors can watch the artists at work. During our visit they were busy turning children's drawings into three dimensional glass sculptures. Three to five hours is required to complete each one.
  Don’t miss the exhibits outside, especially the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.
  The museum is accessible. A couple of wheelchair spaces are located on the top tier of the Hot Shop galley seating. Visitors can also watch the action from walkways that circle the shop area. An elevator that must be unlocked by museum personnel accesses the Chihuly Bridge.

  Limited on-street parking is available on Dock Street. We parked in a public lot on Dock Street about five block north of the museum.  Museum
47.24515, -122.43361


  1. I like glass work,thank you for sharing, still to be in Washington State, maybe next year.

    1. You will love Washington state! There are so many beautiful parks, lots of waterfalls and great trails. Will this be your first trip to the state?

  2. Your blog was linked from another website and upon reading the blog I had no idea WHERE this Glass Museum was. There IS more than one.

    1. Hi Pat and Karen! Thanks for the comment. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this issue. I want to use the exact wording in the post title that the attraction or museum uses but sometimes that doesn't have enough information.

      I have the link to each attraction at the bottom of each post. Also if you click on the little map it will take you to a google map. Until google changed their maps it went directly to the attraction location. On my older posts the little maps links no longer open to the correct location instead they just go to a large map and you have to search.

      Recently gooogle has started adding GPS coordinates for every placemark on "My Maps" which is a great idea. I think that it might be helpful to include the attraction coordinates on each post. It would take me awhile to do that - time consuming but pretty easy. What do you think? Any other ideas?

  3. It is great having BOTH the link to the location's website AND the map to click on for where it is. Very nice. Thanks.