Monday, June 8, 2015

Iron Goat Trail

  The Iron Goat Trail follows an abandoned Great Northern Railway grade through a forest of evergreens, ferns and wildflowers. We walked/rolled along 2.8 miles of the wheelchair accessible section starting at Martin Creek Trailhead and ending at Iron Goat Interpretive Site. The trail is very accessible, hard packed dirt, wide and fairly smooth. It slopes gently downhill so keep that in mind. Going in the opposite direction would make the return trip easy but when we visited a portion of the trail very near the Iron Creek lot had been washed out and would have been impossible to navigate  without help.

  We did not go on the other sections of trail that are also designated as accessible.
To get to the Martin Creek Trailhead parking lot, take Old Cascade Highway from either direction off of US 2, then turn onto USFS Road #6710.  Old Cascade Highway is paved but narrow. USFS Road #6710 is dirt in fairly good condition. The parking lot is large enough for small RVs.  Trail
47.7183, -121.23119

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