Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Columbia River Maritime Museum


  By volume, the Columbia is the fourth-largest river in the United States. After traveling 1,243 miles through narrow gorges it widens when it hits the Pacific Ocean. The merging of the river and ocean waters along with sediment carried by the river has formed a shifting sand bar making the river’s mouth one of the most hazardous stretches of water in the world. Over 2,000 ships have wrecked on the Columbia Bar.

The museum tells the stories of the fishermen, cannery workers, Coast Guard crew members and maritime pilots, who board large cargo ships to guide them over the dangerous bar.


The museum is accessible but the automatic push button doors were not working when we visited. The second set of door do not have a push button. One exhibit has a raised section of floor, accessed by a lift which must be operated by museum staff. The Lightship Columbia, a floating lighthouse, which was anchored five miles out at sea from 1951 – 1979, is not accessible. 


  The museum has long bus/RV spaces.  Museum



  1. Dear friends,
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    This year we will end the trip near L.A and the one that follows will be North CA+Oregon ending the trip in Washington State.Each time I look at your blog I admire you more and more.keep it going

    1. Thank you very much! The admiration is mutual. I think it is so cool that you've found a way to spend your summers here and your winters in Israel. Plus I really enjoy reading about places in the US from the prospective of a visitor.