Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cape Disappointment State Park

   The campground at Cape Disappointment is very popular so reserve early if you want a site. Our site was first come, first served, located in a grassy field, not main campground. The ground is hard packed so rolling around is fairly easy. The main campground is close to the ocean with trees and vegetation between the sites The sites have paved parking pads but we didn’t check out the accessible ones.

  The park has two lighthouses, beach access, several short trails, and access to the paved Discovery Trail. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is within walking distance of the grassy campground.
46.27798, -124.05384
  The short trails and beaches are not accessible but good view points are located along North Jetty Road. The Lewis and Clark Center is accessible. A long ramp winds down past exhibits to the main floor where an elevator is located for the trip back up.
  RVs are not permitted on the road to the Lewis and Clark Center or on the road to North Head Lighthouse. We walked/rolled along the very steep road to the Lewis and Clark Center. The handicapped parking lot is big enough for small RVs so it may be possible to get permission to drive to that lot. Small RVs will fit in the parking lot at Beards Hollow Overlook where there’s a connecting trail to the Discovery Trail. The connecting trail is not accessible so wheelchair users should park in one of the lots in Seaview or Long Beach. Park
46.2839, -124.05597


  1. Looks like an ideal camping spot, I love it

    1. It's a very pretty area with a lot of opportunities to explore. You guys would love it!

  2. We were just up there at that park on a day trip just a couple weeks ago :). Hiked up to both of the light houses.

    1. Hi Matt! I've been meaning to comment on your blog -congratulations on your new camper! You must be itching to actually get it in your hands and start working on it.

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    3. Aye, been socking away the money as fast as I can and debating what to do with the KIT. I already know she's going to be a parts donor for several things in the Amerigo, but haven't settled on if I should simply scrap her and keep the useful bits, or try to put her back together and sell it on Craigslist.

      I offered it to a friend of mine in Washington who was looking for an RV earlier this year for free, but his plans died out as the cash is gone due to car problems, as he would still need to buy a truck to carry it with.

    4. You could try selling or giving it away on CheapRVLiving

      People on the site are always looking for an inexpensive home and don't mind fixing stuff.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the Amerigo!