Friday, May 22, 2015

Old Aurora Colony Museum

   Aurora Colony, founded in 1856, was a Christian communal society related to the Harmonists of Pennsylvania. Like the Harmonists most of the members were German and Swiss emigrants but they differed from the Harmonist by not practicing celibacy and by living together as families rather than in communal dormitories. The communal nature of the colony did not survive after its charismatic leader, Wilhelm Keil, died in 1877. Ownership of the property was transferred to the members of the colony and many remained in the area even after the commune was dissolved.
  Besides the museum the site includes a house, a summer kitchen, a log cabin, and a long roofed shed.
  The museum is accessed by a ramp at the rear entrance. A gate must be unlocked so call ahead or have a member of your party inform the museum staff. The grounds are uneven and most of the other buildings have steps and are not accessible.

  RVs can be parked along the street.  Aurora
  45.2316, -122.75417


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