Sunday, May 13, 2012

Choctaw Casino-Durant

   This casino has two sections connected by a long, wide,ramped hallway. The lower section is older and kind of smoky. The new section has a little Las Vegas glitz and a much better air filtering system. Both of them have very heavy chairs so wheelchair users will be restricted to using the end machines but there are enough of them so it’s not a big problem. Most of the ticket and card slots are easy to reach.

   A search of the internet shows some conflict about whether overnight RV parking is permitted. The casino has a RV park that is managed by KOA and one of the stories circulating is that RVs would be required to use the RV park. When we’re faced with this type of situation we usually just give it a try, keeping an alternative spot in mind just in case we are asked to leave. We parked in the south lot near the employee lot and stayed from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon without a problem. Casino
33.94915, -96.41332


  1. I'm not sure if you guys like music, but here is a friend singing about this area. I hope you enjoy.

    Michael Ultra

  2. LOL -I'll be looking for all the landmarks now. We're on our way to a family reunion in August -not quite as crazy as that one but fun anyway!

    Hope your new plans work out okay and you can get on the road soon!