Monday, December 19, 2011

Smallest Church in America

   This little church is complete with seats, a pulpit, and stain glass windows. The door is always open and the church is available for marriage ceremonies.

   The door is a bit narrow so a wide wheelchair may not fit through but you can get a good view from the doorway.

   The parking area is large enough for RVs.   Church
   31.63836, -81.39491


  1. Hi, really enjoy your blog. Great info. Especially like your little maps with links to the sites you visited. How do you get those little maps? We would like to use them on our blog. We are in FL now and heading to the Everglades in Jan. We will use your FL info map. Its a great map. Thanks for the info.
    Bob and Linda

  2. Thanks Bob and Linda!

    The little maps on our blog are clip art maps from a program that I bought years ago. I should get a newer one because the maps aren't very good. Some of the states don't even have the correct shape but they work for the purpose. I put the dots on with a simple photo program. The link to the Google map can be inserted by right clicking on the little map in the edit posts format. I'm not sure if it works that way when you're actually composing the posts because I use Live Writer. When you're getting the link off of the Google map click on the placemark on the map then the little link icon to make sure that the link connects to the subject of your post.