Saturday, December 17, 2011

Savannah History Museum

    A brief history of Savannah is told with artifacts from the most notable events. Watch the short movie for more insight into the founding of the city and how it has changed through the years.

   Most of the museum is accessible. The walkway to the entrance door is sloped and the doors are heavy so getting in is awkward. The second section in the museum is up a few steps but it also has a small elevator. Part of the train display has an elevated portion but no ramp. Wheelchairs can fit in front of the first row of seats in the theater. The building also houses a couple of gift shops, a snack bar, and the visitor center. The visitor center is up a level and can be accessed by a very steep ramp or a small elevator.

  The parking lot has a section for RVs. The first hour is free, $1.00 an hour after that.  Museum
  32.07607, -81.0997

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